Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to clean the glass on my woodstove?

Cleaning glass is best done in 3 stages:

  1. Just allow the normal burn cycle to clear the glass. A low burn will create some soot build up in the corners and is considered normal.
  2. Damp paper towel dipped in ash from the stove is a mild cleaner.
  3. Hearth store retailers carry commercial woodstove glass cleaner.
Do not use oven cleaner or abrasives, they will etch and permanently mark the glass.
What kind of maintenance does my woodstove need?

Maintenance will vary depending on use, fuel quality, chimney size and length and several other factors. Make sure to regularly replace gaskets or broken bricks, visually inspect interior for signs of abnormal wear and have your dealer clean and inspect the stove annually. Discuss a chimney maintenance schedule with your Pacific Energy retailer or sweep.

How often should I replace the filters in my furnace?

It’s always best to check your filters periodically during the heating season. ¬†On average these filters will need to be changed two times during this time.

Why does my heat pump steam? Or smoke sometimes?

The steam is generated during the defrost cycle. This occurs after some ice builds up on the outdoor unit and starts to restrict the air flow through the outdoor coil. This in turn reduces efficiency so the system goes into what is called ‘defrost’ and will reverse the refrigerant flow to heat up the outdoor coil which will melt and evaporate the ice. Sometimes you can hear a louder sound from your heat pump when it goes into and out of defrost mode.

Why does the glass on my gas fireplace get fogged up or steamy?

This will happen when the fire turns on and the glass is cold. This will be more noticeable with fireplaces that have no pilot light or IPI systems (intermittent pilot ignition system). Once the fireplace starts to warm up the steam will evaporate from the window.