Our Team


Our team is made up of Red Seal certified sheet metal workers and refrigeration mechanics as well as certified gas fitters and friendly office staff.

  • Teresa Logan - In Memoriam


    Teresa is the president of Bennett Sheet Metal. She has been on the payroll since she was 12 years old, but as an official staff member since 1975. Teresa has fond memories of her father’s role in founding Bennett Sheet Metal, and can remember helping out as a very small child. Teresa is the person behind the scenes at Bennett Sheet Metal, and has a vast amount of responsibility in making the business run. Teresa most enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren and her two dogs. She is very passionate about sewing, and finds it an excellent way to unwind after a long day in the office.

  • Bill Logan-In Memoriam

    Bill began working for Bennett Sheet Metal in 1973, when he started dating the founder’s eldest daughter. He started out on the roofing crew, and after graduation in 1975 he began his Sheet Metal apprenticeship, within a few years he became Manager of the Courtenay location. He has done many different types of jobs in the company over the years, but still enjoys custom sheet metal work. Bill is an avid fly fisherman, and spends much of his off time on the ocean or in the river. Nascar races are another example of Bill’s passions, he faithfully follows each race, both on television and at the track.